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Private Room For Hot Spring

There are 14 personal hot spring rooms which presents the comfortable sense of nature with the application of washed granolithis.

The rooms are equipped with a hot spring pool, cold water pool, shower a resting area. How romantic it is to enjoy a sweet date with your lover in such a beautiful scenery! You could totally relax your body and soul here at BEITOU HOT SPRING RESORT!

Opening Hours: 24hr in service

 2020/03/01~2020/10/15 Prices (NT$):
(1 room/2 persons/90 min.)
Weekdays (Mon.~Fri.)                      NT$1,180 / 2 people
Weekends (Sat.~Sun. & Holidays) NT$1,380 / 2 people

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Winter Breakfast & Dinner

Winter Breakfast & Dinner