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Hot Springs Hell Valley

Hell Valley is located at a valley near the end of Zhongshan Road on the left-hand side next to the New Beitou Park. It has a Japanese name. However, local people call it 「the source of sulfur water」or 「a ghost lake」.

The hot spring that flows from the valley is sulphurous and highly erosive. It is the so-called 「green sulfur.」 Its spring water is clear and a little green as a green jade, so that it is also known as 「the Jade Spring Valley」.

The Hell Valley is shrouded with misty steam all year round. Its appearance changes dramatically as light and shade interact from time to time, creating dreamlike fancy, and making it look like a fairyland. It is why it is also called the「Jade-like spring water covered with mist.」 It was one of the eight attractions and twelve scenic spots in Taiwan during the Japanese rule.

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